WinFire, for more time at the Shooters’ lounge.

WinFire by C/o/d/i/n/g//F/a/r/m

WinFire, a product of Infrasoft AG, has a new owner. The further development and distribution of WinFire products will be taken over by CodingFarm as of January 1, 2024. Currently still in close cooperation, the products and services in the field of shooting compatibility of Infrasoft AG will be taken over by CodingFarm. The company will take on a strong consulting role for the coming years.

The name WinFire remains!

CodingFarm will develop WinFire from scratch. The focus here is on the user, who should be able to find their way around our product as autonomously as possible. This also means that we will keep the operation of the solution as simple as possible. From version 5 onwards, WinFire will be implemented using the latest technology to guarantee future-proofing. We do not want to force existing customers to buy new computers. You have a computer, tablet or mobile with a web browser? Fantastic, you can use Winfire 5. Because we are going to the cloud and you can simply consume the solution like any Google application.

Winfire @ Cloud

Here we want to give you a little insight into what WinFire 5 will bring you.

Winfire 5 will primarily be a modular solution based around a cloud core. We will offer the following modules in the base:

  • WinFire Cloud (Core)
  • WinFire Connector
  • WinFire Data Collector
  • WinFire Live

WinFire Cloud (Core)

The Winfire Cloud is the heart of the new solution.

Basically, the popular functions of the familiar winfire solution are operated centrally in our cloud.

For you, this means no more maintenance work. When Winfire is updated, they work directly on the latest version.

The new interfaces are played out from the cloud as a website on any end device of your choice.

They no longer need expensive devices to collect, process and visualize their contactors’ data.

WinFire Connector

The Winfire Connector establishes a direct connection between your shooting range and our cloud.

The solution is implemented cost-effectively using a system on a chip solution and is fully managed by Winfire Cloud.

All you need to do is provide a stable internet connection.

If the internet connection fails, your shot data will not be lost. The device saves the data and sends it to the cloud as soon as the connection is restored.

WinFire Data Collector

Not all shooting ranges can be integrated electronically. This is usually due to a lack of interfaces or other technical restrictions.

In this case, we offer a mobile app for the most common smartphones or tablets. A member of the club can enter the data on the device using simple touch gestures, the system then processes it immediately and offers the usual Winfire comfort.

Configuration is carried out via QR codes, which are scanned in beforehand. This is the same procedure as for recording shooter data.

WinFire Live

Some things are new, many things remain the same.

The popular live view of the shooting results will continue to be offered and, as usual, shows the current events. However, it is now also immediately available online and can be accessed in different ways.

A guest on site would like to see the target of an individual shooter? No problem

Your loved ones at home want to follow their favorite? No problem

WinFire 4

Information on WinFire 4 is currently still available at: